Using the Sitewarehouse Site Control Panel, you will gain access to our feature–rich File Manager. It’ll help you to quickly take care of all of your sites without having to resort to an FTP tool. You could publish data files through a safe connection by simply dragging them into the web browser. Also, you can rapidly archive and unarchive files and directories, set password–protected locations, adjust data file permissions and so much more. Go through the characteristics included in our File Manager.

Drag–and–drop file uploads

Publish files effortlessly

Transferring files between your desktop machine and any of your sites is now quick and simple, because of the drag–and–drop feature available from the File Manager. You can easily drag files from your notebook or computer and drop them in the Site Control Panel via secure SSL communication. That’s it. It usually takes a few seconds to upload a data file and a bit longer for any bigger data files and folders.

You don’t need to put in any third party application or browser plugins. The drag–and–drop feature built into the File Manager performs equally efficiently on all popular operating systems.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Handle all files with a mouse–click

A large number of File Managers specify all of the activities that one can carry out over a file or directory at the top of the webpage. We feel this isn’t properly arranged. Using the File Manager, you can access all of the file managing options whenever you right–click a file or folder. This option is likewise applicable for multiple files/folders.

You can actually rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete every file or folder you decide on with only a mouse–click.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Manage big files easily

On account of the in–built archive/unarchive option, the File Manager lets you work with substantial files and not having to use FTP. You’ll be able to pack a folder into a compact size by simply clicking on the Compress button or get the belongings in an archived folder through the Extract button. Whenever compressing a directory as well as a variety of files, you’ll be able to choose the archive extension (.ZIP, .RAR or .TAR.GZ) and also the title of the archive file.

Hepsia File Manager

Integrated file editors

Absolutely no third–party programs are necessary

We’ve integrated a couple of file editors inside the Site Control Panel to assist you to come up with quick and easy modifications for your files without having to make use of third party software applications. Within the File Manager you can find a WYSIWYG editor that can help you keep an eye on all the recent changes which you create instantly, a code editor that boasts syntax highlighting for one’s .JS or .PHP files, and also a plain text editor for more expert users. Any changes that you come up with and save can be demonstrated promptly on the web.

You have access to the file editors making use of the buttons at the top of the file table or by right–clicking a specific file/folder.

Hepsia File Manager

A logical folder structure

All your files sorted in user–friendly manner

All of the files in your web hosting account are neatly sorted into directories. Every host does have its primary folder, which employs the file hierarchy that you have selected. In this way, it is simple to control all of your current hosts from a single place with no probability of getting lost or perplexed.

By standard, you’ll see each of the hosts placed in a table and when you click once over a given host, you will observe all the sub–folders and files related to it. By clicking on twice, you will visit a web page that is dedicated to that host only. Another way to load the folder related to a specific host and also to use it solely, is to use the drop–down menu near the top of the primary File Manager file table.

Hepsia File Manager

A user–friendly interface

A File Manager developed for the general public

The majority of web File Managers are sluggish and challenging to apply. They offer constrained options and are not really easy–to–work–with. We hope to change that through the Sitewarehouse File Manager. It’s intended to be user–friendly and to seem like an item you you’re already familiar with – the File Manager on your personal computer system.

All its attributes, the drag & drop file upload options, the right–click context menus, the built in file editors, etcetera exist for a single reason – to help make handling your website(s) more simple.

Hepsia File Manager

Work with multiple files

Adjust many different files simultaneously

Our File Manager can save you a plenty of time when you use multiple files. You’ll be able to choose different files at any given time and apply a desired action for them exactly like you do in your desktop machine or laptop. To pick random files at the same time, simply hold down the Control key, and to select a couple of nearby files, use the Shift key. It is that easy.

When you have chosen the files, you’ll be able to instantly transfer them to an additional spot using the drag & drop option. By making use of the right–click context menu along with the buttons above the file table, you’ll be able to use multiple other actions – you are able to copy, rename, delete, download and change your files, change file permissions, etc.

Hepsia File Manager

1–click password protection options

The easiest method to guard your details

Password protection is the perfect path to constrain the means to access a selected section of your website you don’t want to be observable to every one. For example, this might be a safe and secure members’ area or even a location with copyrighted information that you want just specific people to view.

From the File Manager you’re able to password–protect your web site or a specified directory inside with only a click of the mouse. Simply right–click a folder, pick Password Protection and fill out the user name and security password. There’s no need to manage .htaccess files or make any other configurations. In the future, just the visitors who have your login name and pass word will be able to access your web site.

Hepsia File Manager